Shareholders’ General Assembly

- Competence of the Shareholders’ General Assembly according to the Articles of Association:
Article 15. (1) The General Assembly of the Shareholders:
1. Makes amendments to the Articles of Association of the Company;
2. Increases and decreases the Company’s capital;
3. Transforms and terminates the Company;
4. Elects and dismisses members of the Board of Directors and Company’s secretary and determines the remuneration and the right of dividend of those of them who are not executive members of the Board, as well as to acquire shares and stocks of the Company.
5. Appoints and dismisses certified expert-accountant;
6. Approves the annual accountancy statement after it is audited by an appointed expert-accountant;
7. Makes decisions on issuing bonds;
8. Appoints liquidators on terminating the Company apart from the cases of insolvency;
9. Releases from responsibility the members of the Board of Directors;
10. Takes decision for distribution of profit, payment of dividends and filling the reserve fund.
11. Makes decisions on all other matters, submitted to its competence by the law and/or this Articles of Association.

(2) The General Assembly takes the decisions according to the above points in keeping with Article 21 of this Articles of Association.

- According to the Articles of Association:

Article 16.
(1) The General Assembly of the Company is held at least once every year in the Company head office.
(2) The General Assembly is convened by the Board of Directors. It may also be convened by request of the shareholders under the conditions and through the channels of Article 223 of the Commercial Law and/or by request of shareholders owning at least 5 per cent of the capital of the Company.
(3) The General Assembly may be convened through written invitation, sent to every shareholder. The contents of the invitation for convention of General Assembly is determined according to the requirements of the applicable normative regulations.
(4) The period of time from the sending of the invitations until the opening of the General Assembly can not be less than 10 days, unless all shareholders have confirmed and agreed, the General Assembly to be held earlier.   

- Invitations and written materials

- Minutes from General Assemblies of Shareholders, that have been held